Enchanted Fairy Wings for Adults

The Enchanted Fairy wings for Adults will make you look like you just stepped out of the Forest! These fairy wings are handmade in South Africa and ship both locally as well as worldwide. They are approx 95 x 75 centimetres and are worn with white elastics around the arms.

Wings are available in:

-Gold or White/Gold

-Silver or White/Silver


-Bright Pink or Pal Pink

-Emerald Green, Neon Green, or Pale Mint Green


-Turquoise, Royal Blue or White with Blue edge

-Yellow, Orange, Red or a combination of the 3 colors (Autumn look)

– Rainbow

– Black

Leave a note on the order with color preference

SIZE: Approx 80 x 85 cm


*Ships Internationally*

DELIVERY DATE should be approx 10 days after SHIPPING DATE Internationally
approx 5 days within SA